Sicer Inkera Pvt Ltd is the jointventure of Sicer Group in India. In January 2019, Sicer Spa, Italian group, completed the formal acquisition of a majority stake in the company Sol Ink, from many year a leading Indian manufacturer and distributor of ceramic digital inks under INKERA brand.

The new Sicer Inkera, since joining the international group Sicer Spa, in addition to the well-established range of inks and digital materials, has been producing ceramic glazes and compounds along with technical grits and specialities for glazing premium ceramic surfaces.

Sicer Spa is a globalized company, an historic ceramic glaze and colour producer, suppling a wide range of materials, including frits, glaze, grits and digital materials for the production of extremely high-quality tiles, with a special focus on large-size ceramic slabs.

Sicer group, with the headquarters in Italy (Modena), has a well-established global presence with facilities in Spain, Mexico, Indonesia and now available in India. Sicer Inkera, established in Morbi-Gujarat, the major area of indian ceramic production, is able to serve all the Indian Market and Indian Sub-Continent with the best quality of products and an high level of technical support and service.

01Installation and Profiling

New customers enjoy complete support in converting their existing projects to Inkera inks and effects. Existing customers are visited regularly to ensure print calibration is according to settings.

02Design and Projects

We design projects in cooperation with the best graphic design studios. We provide our customers with an internal project design studio, a photo studio and a team dedicated to the training for external technicians.

03Project Development

We maintain links with leading Italian and Spanish design studios and glaze suppliers to offer you files and projects for floor and wall coverings incorporating our inks and effects. Our customers are first to market with new and original trends and surfaces.

Technology & Design

Our connections in Italy and our local sources of materials enable us to deliver quality and stability in all parameters.

Fast & Direct

Based in Rajkot, we are the undisputed leaders in service. We provide rapid response to every customer, big or small.

Installation Assistance

Your success drives us. Our policy is to help you reach your production goals, we provide total assistance to achieve rapid project start-up or changeover of inks.

Multiple Certifications

Sicer Inkera Inks are certified by multiple machine vendors and tested on all common print heads. Our color management team provides support on all major platforms.

End to End QC

We don’t compromise on quality. We have the right team, strong systems and we keep a keen eye on every stage of production.


Our standard ink and glazes are updated constantly to reflect the latest trends. We can supply all required effects as the new collections are released.


Realize your projects with our materials.